About Dr. John J.Stathas

Successful Psychotherapist, licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Newspaper columnist. Happily married for 30 plus years to Sherry. We have joyfully raised two children, Kristopher and Brittany, who are healthy and successful in their respective marriages and careers. I am devoted to helping others to be happy and productive in their relationships and life choices.

This blog site will give you valuable information relative to your relationships and common mental health issues and concerns.Relationships included are with your self, lover or potential lover, family, friends, co-workers, and other meaningful relationships. Your core relationships determine who you are and influence your life choices. Mental health issues and concerns would include anxiety, depression, addictions, and ADD/ADHD. Hopefully you will read, value, and apply the insights offered. I welcome your responses and inquiries.

I have many diverse articles on my web site (drstathas.googlepages.com). I invite you to peruse those of which you may have interest.