Are You a Mom? Have a Mom? Have a Grandmom? Have a Wife Who is a Mom or Step Mom?

This Sunday we honor Mothers (called by many a familiar name – Mom, Mommy, Mama) – and deservedly so.  Mothers know what they have gone through to bring children into the world and do their best to lovingly care for them through the growing years.

Mothers, you have a singular privilege – bringing a child into this world!  You have felt the unique pain of birthing and the sweet joy of holding a new born.Nurturing,soothing, hugging, “being there”, empathizing, healing, correcting, congratulating, are but a few of the mothering responsibilities. There are so many roles and functions that a mother carries out on behalf of her children.

Others of us, the “kids” may or may not know the efforts and sacrifices that our mothers have gone through on the journey of raising us.  Most mothers don’t brag or whine about what challenges we have brought to them over the years.  They just want us to be healthy and happy.  They deserve their special day of recognition.

Stepmothers, we honor you as well.  Too often you are not appreciated for the significant role you play in raising a child.  You make many sacrifices and have to make many adjustments to the unique position you play in the family.

Some family men choose to not honor their wives on this occasion. They say “she’s not my mother.” Such a man does not see the bigger picture.  He would not be a father if his wife had not delivered, and primarily raised, his kid(s).  A woman cherishes her role as mother and is appreciative of her husband’s acknowledgement of her contribution.
Husbands, don’t miss the opportunity to show your love and gratitude to your wife as mother.

Also, husbands, please teach your children when they are young how to honor their mother on this designated day, and every day.  Take them to get a card or other gift of thoughtfulness.  (With such parental education, you may even get something from them for Father’s Day!).

Thanks Mothers everywhere.  Keep bringing us your steadfast love.  We will try to return it in kind and be the person you hoped we would be when you delivered us out of
your body into the world.  Happy Mother’s Day!

On a personal note.  Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Sherry, for being wonderful mothers! And daughter Brittany, you’re doing an awesome job with baby Hailey!

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