Are You A Procrastinator, Slow To Get Stuff Done? Reasons Are!

Are you a person that is chided or criticized because you did not get around to doing something or were a slowpoke in getting it done? It is not a good feeling to receive such comments. It would be well worth your while to understand why you are this way.

Rieva Lesonsky has written an informative article about this directed primarily for the work place. I believe it also can be helpful in the home place. Thus I share her rationale and my own commentary.

  1. FEAR: Fear of failure causes you to procrastinate. Who wants to fail!? Ouch. As long as you don’t try you won’t fail. And, surprisingly, fear of success also can lead to procrastination. If you succeed, what expectations and challenges might crop up? You’ve heard the expression “frozen in fear” have you not? Fear shuts you down or at least slows you down. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Face your fear and move forward!
  2. BURNOUT: Sometimes you are just exhausted with something. Your brain is fried. No energy to move forward. Take a break and find your way to get refreshed so that you can come back to the task at hand with renewed vigor. It is important to be in touch with yourself so that you can find a rhythm for your life that maximizes productivity without getting burned out.
  3. INCOMPETENCE: Some tasks throw you for a loop. It doesn’t fit within your skill set. What are your options? One is to find someone else to do it that is competent. If you feel you are going to screw it up you probably will procrastinate. Second, learn how to do it. When confidence emerges you will “get around to it” and quit procrastinating.
  4. DISTRACTION: If you cannot focus well on something you probably will procrastinate. You need to find out what any distracting factors may be and then do your best to get rid of them. Sometimes those distractions are mental, perhaps you are a ADD candidate or just have too much on your mind to concentrate enough to get the task done. Or perhaps your environment is not conducive to productivity. Noise, clutter, certain obstrusive or demanding people can be mitigating factors slowing you down or prohibiting the task getting done.
  5. COMPLEXITY: Sometimes a task can be, or feel, too complex. Some of the above factors may be making the task more complex than it really is. Or, perhaps, it really is. Sometimes, breaking the task down into simpler parts or delegating part of it to someone else may help to get it done without further procrastination.
  6. EMOTIONS: Sometimes a task is burdened with emotions felt toward someone or some situation that emotionally blocks you from getting into the task. You may be mad at your spouse or boss for example and, thus, just don’t want to do it. Sometimes you just have to clear your head out of certain emotions that inhibit your getting into the task at hand. Always it is important to know what you are feeling and the implications of those feelings relative to your thoughts and ultimate behavior.

Well, Respected Reader, are you or someone special to you struggling with procrastination issues? If so I hope this may help to eliminate the problem. Procrastination is not a desired behavior. It doesn’t feel good to procrastinate or be chided or criticized for being one. “Git er done!”

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

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