Are You an Excuse Maker? Use Any of These?

Self awareness and assessment is important for moving forward in life. Life’s path has many obstacles and detours to overcome.  Some of these challenges can be averted, others must be lived through making the best of a difficult situation. Fortitude and resilience are needed in such painful situations.  Other challenges that are not met head on because of lame excuses prohibit you from working through them to success.  The following are some of the self talk excuses that are often made by people who don’t “suit up and show up”.

  1. It will be difficult
  2. It’s going to be risky
  3. It will take a long time
  4. There will be family drama
  5. I didn’t deserve it
  6. It’s not my nature
  7. I can’t afford it
  8. No one will help me
  9. It has never happened before
  10. I’m not strong enough
  11. I’m not smart enough
  12. I’m too old (or not old enough)
  13. The rules won’t let me
  14. It’s too big
  15. I don’t have the energy
  16. It’s my personal family history (blame)
  17. I’m too busy
  18. I’m too scared
  19. I don’t want anybody to be upset
  20. Fill in the blank with the excuse that you tend to use (hide behind).

Recognize any of these as yours? Certainly there are legitimate excuses or reasons that stop you from “doing the next right” thing on your path to creating the life you want.  However, whiney excuses often are ways to coward out of doing your best.

Self defeating thinking patterns, which includes excuse making, sabotages happiness, health and quality relationships. Be honest with yourself.  Look at the excuses that you may use from time to time and see if they can be faced and eradicated.  Weak and defensive people hide behind exaggerated excuses.

Respected Reader, I doubt you are one of these “excuse makers” but hopefully this article gives you and opportunity to look at yourself in this manner.  Having done that I’m sure you can pass this on to someone who is an excuse maker!

“The unexamined life is not worth living”   Socrates

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