Are You Bored? Are You Boring? Take The Test?

Are you bored?  Are you boring? The first question is pretty easy to answer, isn’t it?  You pretty much know whether you are bored or not.  The answer comes from within.  The second question is tougher to answer because it comes from outside – others.

Let’s address the first question.  Do you ever ask yourself, “Self, are you bored?”  Probably not very often – even if, in fact, that you are. Boredom, or ennui, that sense of weariness or dissatisfaction is the beginning of a slow death of your spirit.  There is limited excitement, passion, or overriding interests.  Prepare the headstone, you are on your way there!

The second question is obviously related to the first. If you are bored, you are boring. Ugh.  It could be no other way. Perhaps your self awareness is not very high so that, in your own mind, you are not boring. In fact you think you are quite fascinating. That does not mean that others see you that way. Perhaps you are boring to others.   Dare you ask?

In couples therapy I often hear this comment from one of them, “My wife/husband is boring.” Recently, one man said, “All you can talk about is the kids. I want you to be more interesting; know what is going on in the world. Challenge me.”   Not too long ago a woman said this about her husband, “You are a boring couch potato. I want some fun. When we go out to eat, we sit there in silence, you add nothing.”

The emphasis of this article is to challenge you to be all that you can be and to bring that oomph to the people that are important in your life. Slackers need not apply!  I was thinking of starting a group for boring people.  I’ll supply the No Doze!

Are you a candidate!?

The opposite of boredom is ALIVENESS – within yourself and activated with others.  I would venture to say that it is incumbent on each of us to maximize our aliveness – enthusiasm for life – and bring it forth. If you feel that you have run out of gas, are unmotivated, or feel incapable of becoming alive – do something about it.  No matter what your situation in life is, there is a spark of fire that can enflame a bright light. (“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”)

In summary: If you are bored, get excited about something (healthy) and get into it.

If you might be boring, find and share your enthusiasm .Inquire about another’s interest. Do your part to make conversation, initiate activities, be current with news, play a game/sport, get artsy, volunteer, etc… .  Appreciate being alive and share your life and adventures with others.


P.S. If you want to bring some objectivity to your boredom awareness, google the “Boredom Proneness Scale” and take the test and see what your score is. I did, definitely not bored! Boring? You tell me after you read this article.


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