Are You Creating A Healthy Family? Know What One Is?

Do you have a healthy family?  Did you come from a healthy family? Do you know what a healthy family is so that you can answer the first two questions?  I would like to share with you my version of what a healthy family is.


  1. ACTIVELY LOVE EACH OTHER: There are daily hugs and “I love you’s” shared. Loving words and hugs help to make the home a place to feel secure. Security, physical and emotional, is a basic building block for healthy development.
  2. RESPECT and TRUST: Lying doesn’t happen. Privacy is respected. Independence is fostered. Consistency is the norm.
  3. COMMUNICATES: Individuals:  ASSERT their thoughts and feelings. LISTEN to each other. THANK one another. FORGIVE one another. RECONCILE.
  4. WORKS and PLAYS TOGETHER: Goals are established and reached. Fun happens. Laughter exists.
  5. EXPECTATIONS: Rules and responsibilities are understood and carried out. Consequences, positive and negative, are consistently enforced.
  6. FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY: Things are not rigid. The family is developmental as it goes through the various ages and stages. Change is welcomed.
  7. VALUES and MORALS: Spirituality and ethical behavior is taught and lived. Boundaries are clear and respected.


  1. INSIGHT/AWARENESS: Individuals are tuned into what is going on around them. Perceptions are stated, questions are asked.
  2. INDEPENDENCE: Physically and emotionally. A strong sense of self, not needy or dependent.
  3. RELATIONSHIP CAPABILITY: Able to develop healthy and appropriate relationships in various situation and stages of life, i.e., work, play, friendship, romance.
  4. INITIATIVE: Seeing an opportunity and doing something positive about it.
  5. CREATIVITY: Be able to create when needed or desired.
  6. HUMOR: Be able to laugh.
  7. INTEGRITY: Have an informed conscience and be able to put it into practice. “Walk the talk”.

Well, Respected Reader, what do you think? Is this the family you came from? Is this the family you are, or will be, creating? Hopefully this treatise has given you further insight and motivation to create and participate in a healthy family!

“The unexamined life is not worth living”    Socrates

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