“Born To Be A Mom”: Your Destiny?

A woman said these words to me the other day, “I was born to be a Mom!” She was describing her desire and hoped for destiny. The words came from deep in her being. She has been a Nanny and now is hoping to find the right man, get married, and fulfill her dream life of being a Mom.

Another woman in my practice said the same thing recently. She was thirty and hoping that her current relationship is the one that leads into marriage and parenthood. She, too, feels that she was “born to be a Mom”.

Our daughter, Brittany, is a SAHM (stay at home Mom) and loves it – most days. She also has a “cottage business” income stream from her consulting and blogging in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness, including family life tips. Being a Mom is her “calling”.

The young Nanny got me to thinking. She was the Nanny for three kids for five years. The parents proclaimed that their life’s satisfaction came from their work. The Nanny wondered why they chose to have these kids if they were not going to be around them to nurture and mentor them, and give them that security that only a present loving parent can give.

The question I raise to women is this, were you “born to be a Mom”? Is this your primary purpose in life or ancillary to what you were really meant to be? Or, perhaps you have a limited maternal instinct and motherhood is not your desire? Or, perhaps a combination or motherhood and career bring the most satisfaction?

These questions of clarification are not meant to critique, judge, or prescribe what any woman should do, or be. What I am asking is what is your primary purpose in life? Where does having children fit into your picture? Or not?

As for you men, I also suggest you know who and what you want in your mate. Do you want to be a Father? If so, make sure that you do your “due diligence” in choosing a mate. And if Fatherhood is not your desire, make sure that you are clear about that with any potential marriage partner.

When I wrote my desired list of qualities that I wanted in a wife, being a “good and devoted Mother” was in the top three. And I got her – and more! My wife Sherry has been a terrific Mother, as has our daughter, Brittany. And our son, Kris, did his due diligence well. He married Cara who is a terrific Mom to their daughter. Our family is fortunate that these three women knew who they were and in this case each was “born to be a Mom”!

P.S. I wonder if there are some genetics involved here as both my Mother, Sherry’s Mother, and Cara’s Mother were stay home Moms who did a terrific job!

May you, Respected Reader, know what is right for you and be able to fulfill that destiny!

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