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Might You Be in Need of Counseling? Find Out Here!

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Do you need counseling?  Do you want to find out?  Any anxiety raised by such an inquiry? Would you prefer to stay in a state of denial or delusion? Would you like confirmation that you are living a pretty healthy and balanced life?  There are a number of ways to get the answers to these questions.  One way would be to schedule an appointment with a qualified psychotherapist.  If you would prefer a more anonymous and private method, there are various self report questionnaires available that can give some insight as to whether a therapeutic process may be in order.

One such sponsor of this type of questionnaire is the website of Psychology Today. ( If you go to this website there is a category named “Quiz Yourself”.  Under that heading is the “Do You Need Therapy” inventory.

There are thirteen categories, with a series of probing questions within each category.  The categories for evaluation are:

1. Relationships

2. Mood

3. Mood Swings and Irritability

4. Sexual Concerns

5. Alcohol and Drug Use

6. Anxiety

7. Fears

8. Obsessive or Compulsive Thoughts

9. Traumatic Experiences

10. Neediness

11. Eating Disorders

12. Impulsive Behavior

13. Confused Thinking

These categories are not meant to be inclusive of all mental health disorders.  They are some of the more common concerns that the general populace has. When you have finished the questionnaire you will receive a response that indicates whether therapy is indicated and, if so, what areas need to be explored.

Most people, unfortunately, do not know that they need therapy.  Often it takes a crisis to get their attention.  Many people like to remain oblivious, keeping their blinders (defenses) on so that they do not have to deal with the unhealthy part of their personality.  I will always remember a grateful fellow who said to me, after an insight gained, “John, thank you, I did not know what I didn’t know.”  All of us have parts of ourselves that impair our well being to some extent.  The key is how much impairment is really there.  It takes a trained therapist to bring accurate diagnosis and awareness to a person open enough to be evaluated. Most people appropriately see their physician for an annual checkup of their physical being, but resist a periodic checkup of their mental/emotional, relational life.  Short sighted, often with unnecessary painful ramifications.

I hope you find this article and the Psychology Today website helpful because…

“The unexamined life is not worth living”    Socrates