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You Died: What is Your Legacy?

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

     People often live a life lacking reflection.  Funerals often challenge a person to consider how the deceased lived.  Sometimes the reflection turns inward towards oneself.  If you died tomorrow who would come to your funeral and what would they say about you?  What kind of person were you and what was the quality of your life?  What remains as your legacy?

Below is a list of categories, some of which may pertain to you, some may not.  Hopefully, they will cause you to think about what is important in your life and what remains after you have died.  You are invited to pause and reflect on each category and see what emotion and thought emerge.

  1. Spouse(s):  What was your relationship?  Were you a good spouse?
  2. Children: Were you a good parent?  What would you do differently?
  3. Parents: What did you learn from them?  How did you treat them?
  4. Career:  Right choices?  Do again?
  5. Purpose of life:  What was it?  What is it now?
  6. Goals: Did you set them?  Reach them?
  7. Successes: In what areas?
  8. Failures:  In what areas?
  9. Possessions?  Good choices?
  10. Spiritual beliefs:  Were you open to expanding in this area?
  11. Health:  Did you take good care of yourself?
  12. Emotions:  Were you in touch with your deepest emotions?  Share them with anybody?
  13. What do you wish you had done more of?  Less of?
  14. Did you have fun?  What kind of fun?
  15. One word of personal wisdom you would like to share with those closest to you?
  16. Who should you have made amends with? Who hurt you?
  17. Things you would like to do over?
  18. What do you want said at your memorial service? Songs? Did you plan it?
  19. What else might you have done before you died?
  20. Who will miss you the most?  Who will you miss the most?

Hopefully, this legacy reflection gave you pause to examine yourself and the life you lead.