“Fifty Things You Should Never, Ever, Say To Your Kids!

I came across an interesting article written by Charlotte Hilton Anderson for Redbook Magazine. I found it interesting, and for the most part, agreed with the list. I share it with you for you to ponder, perhaps discuss, and maybe even change a few things you say to your children. The reasons for not saying these things are available should you need an explanation.

  1. I do everything for you!
  2. You did great on your test, but why can’t you do that all the time?
  3. B is fine, but an A is better.
  4. You make me so mad!
  5. Don’t eat that or you’ll get fat.
  6. You’re fat.
  7. Eat your peas, they’re good for you.
  8. I’m so fat! I need to go on a diet.
  9. I used drugs/smoked when I was a kid.
  10. Stop crying right now!
  11. It’s not that big a deal.
  12. Calm down!
  13. You’re fine!
  14. You’re so lazy!
  15. Hurry up and get ready!
  16. Why do I have to tell you everything 100 times.
  17. Big boys/girls don’t get scared.
  18. Stop being such a baby.
  19. You’re being ridiculous.
  20. Stop being selfish and needy.
  21. I’m disappointed in you.
  22. You’re making me sad.
  23. Don’t do that! (not sure about that one)
  24. You better do what I say or else.
  25. Don’t make me turn this car around.
  26. It’s my way or the highway!
  27. You live under my roof, you follow my rules. (not til they’re 18!)
  28. That’s the way I was raised, and I turned out fine.
  29. I hate it when you (insert bad behavior here).
  30. Shame on you!
  31. Ugh, you’re just like your father/mother.
  32. I told you so.
  33. I know you didn’t mean to hit your brother/sister.
  34. Don’t be mad at your brother/sister.
  35. I wish you would be more like your brother/sister (or other kid’s name
  36. That’s just not good enough.
  37. You’re my perfect little angel!
  38. You’re so smart! (not sure about that one)
  39. You’re way better than that kid!
  40. Great job! (Like this one)
  41. Aw, I can never say no to you!
  42. You’re playing that game wrong.
  43. Let me help you with that! (there’s a time for that, and a time not to do that)
  44. Are you sure you can do that?
  45. You can’t do that!
  46. You’re an idiot!
  47. I hate math, I was never good at it.
  48. I don’t know who ate your candy.
  49. Mommy’s not crying, everything is just fine!
  50. You want another spanking!? (I added that one)

Respected Reader, do you understand, and agree or disagree, as to why these comments are inappropriate to say to your kids according to Ms. Hilton? Sometimes it is the context or intensity that is the problem with what is said. Other times it is just plain wrong to say these things to your kids. Did your parents say any of these to you? Which ones?  And you “turned out just fine” did you not?

“The unexamined life is not worth living”   Socrates

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