Happy Birthday, Kris – My Son!

I wasn’t sure that I ever wanted to be a father until I was! To this day I remember well the moment that my son, Kristopher John, was born into this world.De Kalb GeneralHospitaland Dr. Hardy, an OB-GYN that Sherry had worked for, were the birthing agents.

While waiting for Kris’ grand entrance I tried to support and comfort Sherry.  Also, I took the time to write my thoughts and feelings. I was keyed up, ready for the delivery.

And then he slid out! The miracle of conception and birth. Our first born – a Son!

Upon reflection of Kris being my Son, I’ve come to a greater realization of my being a Son -  born to a Father. Now with Kris the “Stathas” reproductive evolution continued.  The reality of being a Son and being the co-creator of a Son has had a powerful impact on me. I believe there are many other males experiencing the same reality. Being aware of some of the things I received and those that I did not receive from my Father, I pledged to be present, loving, and mentoring to the best of my ability.

Kris has been a delight. I could not have asked for a better Son. Kris is, and has been, intelligent, handsome (his mother’s genes!), caring, motivated, responsible, and successful. He knows how to figure things out and gets the task done, overcoming any presenting obstacles. Part of his responsible “finish the drill” attitude comes from the stubbornness factor inherited from one of his parents. ( I confess)

Kris and I have had many wonderful Father-Son times. I have watched, and sometimes coached, him during his athletic years. One highlight was going to the World Series in Oklahoma when at thirteen he played on a team that won the State of Georgia title. Now golf is his primary athletic challenge. It is a real treat to play golf with him –most of the time. He has inherited a high frustration level that results from that occasional errant shot. (Wonder which parent he got that from?)

When Kris and I get together, and we continue to do it regularly, we catch up on our usual topics – sports and finances. Occasionally more personal thoughts are shared. Kris is a fairly private person. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. I enjoy that every get together begins and ends with a hug and a “love you’’ exchange. Don’t remember having that with my Dad.

Currently Kris is happily married to Cara. She is a wonderful woman and great wife for Kris. They have this beautiful baby girl, Kyla, born last May. Kris will be an exceptional father.

Respected Reader, may you accept this personal expression and sense the love I have for my Son and how proud I am of him. I have been blessed by his life joined with mine. I did not have this special connection with my Father. Did you?  Sons and Fathers are a unique relationship.  I hope your story is, or could become, one of such a special bond as Kris and I have. It is so worth the effort put in by both Father and Son.

Thank you, Kris, and Happy Birthday! I love you.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”    Socrates

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