“It’s Too Expensive, I’ll Settle For Mediocrity” : Your Choice?

Choice involves selecting among alternatives. It means that you are not locked into one option. Hooray for choices! So, what choices are on your plate as you examine various opportunities and options in your life?

Life is about choices we make over time as we surf the oceanic waves, riding the tides of our challenging personal and professional challenges. You choose where you live, what you do for a career, who you choose to marry, what you spend your money on … . This writing will focus on your spending choices, particularly in the area of good health – physical and mental. The “examined life” makes wise choices.

I am continually amazed at some of the irrational choices people make in this area. One area of choice is what you put into your body to nourish your physical and mental well being. Do you buy the cheapest in order to save money at the expense of good health?  It may be wise to check your grocery list.  When you eat out where do you go and what do you eat? Probably worth a look.

Do you take food supplements to cover what your diet does not provide for? Most people need quality supplements to “cover their bases” for optimal physical and mental functioning. Personally, I eat a well rounded nutritious diet – and I partake in quality supplements. I chose over the counter vitamins  until I read the research and found out what a difference there is in the quality of supplements. I now take a very highly rated mail order supplement which is a bit more expensive, but well worth it.  I’m not “settling” anymore!

The area of counseling and therapy is another aberrational choice in my estimation. I continually witness individuals choosing a mediocre professional because they were cheaper. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is alive and well with such options. I continually hear from clients/patients that they got very little from their previous practitioner and welcome a different approach that goes deeper and provides a definitive plan for reaching success.

The intent of this writing is not to belittle “mediocre” products and practitioners but to challenge you, Respected Reader, to examine your needs and your priorities. Upon doing that decide what quality choice you want to make. Wisdom invites you to go for the best available that you can afford, perhaps with a budget adjustment (i.e. less going out for dinner).

Mediocrity begets mediocrity. Is that how you see yourself, your loved ones, with the choices you make in such vital areas of your life? Personally, my priorities are my health, my wife and kids, and caring for them with wise choices relative to income production and expenditures. These priorities deserve the best and are going to get them. No settling here!! How about you?

“The unexamined life is not worth living”  Socrates

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