Marijuana Use? Think Twice. “Marijuana Drops Blood Flow To The Brain”!

Marijuana usage is a popular topic in our Country at the present time. Legalization and  medical use are controversial topics with emotional adherents on both sides of these issues. The purpose of this writing is not to support one side or the other but rather to report what I consider to be an important factor in the discussion.

Dr. Daniel Amen, well known and respected psychiatrist and foremost brain imager, has written about a significant factor related to marijuana use – blood flow. Dr. Amen reports on the issue citing a recent publication on the issue in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. This research stated that “there were noticeable deficiencies of blood flow” to the brain. The study “shows a scary and obvious difference in blood flow levels for those that used cannabis. … This lack of blood flow is in the right hippocampus, the area of the brain that helps with memory formation and learning. This part of the brain is severely affected by those that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Our research has proven that marijuana users have lower cerebral blood flow than non-users. … These structural changes to the hippocampus persist, even after six months of abstinence.”

Related, a recent study in JAMA Opthalmology, concluded that “regular cannabis use delays the processing of visual information at the very beginning in the retina.” Why would anyone regularly use a substance that may impair one’s vision?

For those interested in a pictorial representation of how a healthy brain looks versus a marijuana user’s brain, you can google “brain images of marijuana users.” There you will see the striking differences as well as other studies confirming that the use of marijuana affects brain structures.

As people age blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body diminishes. Personally I use various supplements to increase blood flow and energy in my system. I counsel those who desire to function at optimal levels to be wary of taking in any substance that decreases blood supply – especially to the brain!


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