My Story: Why I Take Shaklee Supplements!

I want a full life with good health! Who doesn’t? To have this desired life I try my best to eat well, exercise, think positive thoughts, and add supplements to my regimen.

Why supplements you may ask? I want to know that I have covered my bases, to the extent possible. The target areas that I am covering are heart, bone and joint, immune system, brain cognition, vision, digestion and energy. Yes, I want to cover it all!

Food cannot meet all these needs. Thus, supplements are my “health insurance”. They give me an extra boost of confidence that I am doing everything I can to ensure good health.

Shaklee supplements are my choice. Why?  I want the best and have researched thoroughly. In order for supplements to be effective four factors need to be optimal.

  1. Composition:  The nutrients are in the most effective combinations and dosage amounts.
  2. Bioavailability: These minerals and vitamins are maximally absorbable.
  3. Synergistic effect: The vitamins and minerals work together in proper proportion for best results.
  4. Potency: The supplements are the most potent available.

Multivitamin Guide did an exhaustive six year study and found that Shaklee was number two out of over one hundred brands. If you are taking any supplement product look up where you brand sits on this list.  I was amazed at where my store brand stood. Other independent research has found Shaklee to be superior. Over the counter brands are much less effective. “You learn something new every day”!

My wife and daughter also have chosen Shaklee with beneficial results. Shaklee is our choice for various supplements.  Recently we have “gone green” and are now exclusively using Shaklee products that are not toxic in our home environment.

Please take my card and look at my web site: I think you will be surprised at the many relevant products there for you and your health. Feel free to buy and try!

P.S. Upon using and enjoying the benefits derived from Shaklee products you may even decide to be a distributor and make a little cash on the side!

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