Significant Life Decisions Involve Sacrifices And Trade-offs! What Are Yours?

One of my favorite sayings is “Every decision involves an incision”. If you decide something you limit your options. A mundane example. If you choose to go out to a movie you cut off the option of staying home and watching television.

How about a more profound decision.  You decide to marry a person, thus you cut off the possibility of marrying another person (at least temporarily).

Where I am going with this is to try and make the point that choices/decisions involve giving up other options. You make a trade-off – one rather than another. This usually involves some type of sacrifice – giving up a part of yourself or something you also would desire.

The reason for this focused writing is that I encounter too often people who selfishly “want it all” and won’t make the sacrifices necessary to do what is best with the apparent decision that was made.

An example of a “sacrifice” that a responsible person would make is the use of time. I believe your calendar speaks volumes as to your life choices and priorities. Tell me how you spend your time and I will know much about the type of person you are with such choices.

If you are married and your marriage is a top priority, which it should be, then you give ample time to your spouse. Doing that would mean that you “sacrifice”, incise, your time for other desired activities such as golf, tennis, fishing, hunting, etc…

If you are a parent and your children are a high priority then you spend ample time with them – loving, nurturing, mentoring, having fun, etc… You then must “sacrifice” certain things that you may  want to do.

To summarize, have you made the right prioritized choices for your life and faithfully lived with the trade-offs, consequences, that these decisions entailed? If being a wonderful spouse and parent is important then you are making the appropriate “sacrifices” for the greater good for yourself, your marriage and your family. In the long run if you make such sacrifices you will realize that these trade-offs pale in comparison to the benefits derived by having a good marriage and successful children.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”    Socrates

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