The Holidays Beckon Us Anew To Be “Heart Healers”!

A former patient recently took me off guard by saying, “John, you are a heart healer.”  I thanked the person. I had not been called that before.  The expression has stayed with me and caused me to reflect on the process of heart healing.

There are many broken hearts in our community, as there are in any other community.  Hearts are broken by many people and circumstances. Husbands and wives, parents, children, siblings, extended family members, lovers, friends, co-workers, etal are capable of breaking hearts.  Death, divorce, break ups, arguments, natural disasters, illness etc… also contribute to hearts being broken. I would guess that most of us can both identify with having a heart broken along the way, as well as seeing others in that position now.

In the twelve years that I have lived in the Lake Oconee area I have had the privilege of working with clergy, various health professionals, law enforcement personnel, journalists, and caring friends for the benefit of our community – particularly people with broken lives, broken homes, broken hearts.  As I look around I am constantly seeing men and women of our community reach out and give of their time, talents, and dollars to those in need. Often in our local newspapers we see pictures and stories of people giving service to those in need. Some examples would be the wonderful volunteers who are involved with the Senior Center, Circle of Love, the Dreamers, Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society – and many others.

My purpose in writing this is to say thank you to those who have privileged me while I try in my humble way to assist in heart healing through my articles. And thanks to all you other heart healers who reach out with a generous and loving heart. If you are a “Heart Healer”, keep it up.  If you have not been attuned to the needs and opportunities beckoning, please join in.  Together all of us can assist in the healing of wounded hearts in our community.

The holidays are an emotional time.  Many of us are particularly blessed and our hearts are filled with love.  Others are experiencing intense pain during this time.  For all who celebrate Christmas in the spiritual sense, may we all learn from the person whose ministry we are called to emulate.  Be a “heart healer” during this special time and may it carry forth and continue to be a part of your essence.

Merry Christmas!

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