To Succeed You Need To Do These 20 “Hard Things”!

This I believe. Most people want to lead a successful life. Success is defined by each person. Your “success” may not be my “success”. However each life of success involves doing certain things. I try to write about such efforts in various categories in my columns. Today I am sharing a perspective offered by March Chernoff. His Writing, entitled “20 Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Happy”, mentioned the following twenty. I think happiness and success are intertwined so I am focusing on the perspective of reaching success. And, yes these things can be hard but mediocrity is not acceptable. Chernoff says these “hard things” include the things no one else can do for you and that may even frighten you to do. I add my perspective to Chernoff’s.

  1. YOU NEED TO TAKE SMALL CHANCES EVERY DAY: With a perspective of taking chances you will peck away at any fear that may inhibit you.
  2. YOU NEED TO WORRY LESS ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU: One of my favorite all time expressions is “what you think of me is none of my business”. Chameleon personalities that turn whatever color is needed to be liked by another are not authentic and cannot be trusted.
  3. YOU NEED TO IGNORE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING AND ACHIEVING: Be your best self, developing your talents to the fullest, and get on with your successes.
  4. YOU NEED TO INVEST IN YOURSELF EVEN WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS: Prioritize your needs, develop a daily to-do list, and vote for yourself (without being selfish).
  5. YOU NEED TO WALK THE TALK: Talk is cheap. Take responsibility for making your goals a top priority. Do the grunt work.
  6. YOU NEED TO PUT YOUR HEART INTO YOUR WORK: Find your passion where possible and let that passion fuel your drive to success.
  7. YOU NEED TO DELIVER RESULTS, EVEN WHEN MAKING EXCUSES IS EASIER: Bottom line is “”git er done”! Cry babies and blamers do not succeed. Not your style.
  8. YOU NEED TO MAKE MISTAKES AND LOOK LIKE A FOOL SOMETIMES: I’m not very comfortable with this one. Yes, you will make mistakes and sometimes look like a fool but I’m not sure you “need” to do this or that it always happens. Here, I like this phrase, “I don’t lose, I learn”. Mistakes are just a part of the learning curve.
  9. YOU NEED TO LET GO OF YESTERDAY’S STRUGGLES: With your head turned backward it is hard to move forward, especially loaded down with that negative energy. Turn the page and create a new and successful chapter.
  10. YOU NEED TO REFRAIN FROM FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF: Pity parties serve no purpose. Mourn, let go, move on. Get the support and advice where needed to do so.
  11. YOU NEED TO TOUGHEN UP: Evolution is all about survival of the fittest. The weak fall apart and away. That can’t be you.
  12. YOU NEED TO FIGHT HARD FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN: If your goal is worthwhile you need to put that extra effort into attaining in. Be sure you know what you believe in and then develop the passion to go for it.
  13. YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT: Sometimes you can’t push your goal ahead if the time is not right. Readiness is a necessary component for moving forward. Thus, patience is needed.
  14. YOU NEED TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS BEFORE THEY TAKE CONTROL OF YOU: This is one of my favorites. I practice and teach this. You can do much to control your thoughts which affect your feeling which affect your behavior.
  15. YOU NEED TO BE POSITIVE: Stay away from negative thoughts and people. Being positive and optimistic greatly raises the probability of success.
  16. YOU NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Some research states that you are a composite of the five people closest to you. Choose wisely.
  17. YOU NEED TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF: Be assertive, without being aggressive. Learn how to “vote for yourself” without being selfish. Shrinking violets fade away and lose.
  18. YOU NEED TO FORGIVE EVERYONE WHO HAS WRONG YOU: Carrying around the negative energy of resentment just depletes you. But, also, develop a boundary from such people so that they may not do it again.
  19. YOU NEED TO REACH OUT AND HELP PEOPLE: Being cared for and caring for others go hand in hand. Activate your heart and reach out and touch.
  20. YOU NEED TO BE PRESENT ENOUGH TO ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY: Being present, focused, and attuned lead to greater connection within yourself and a deeper union with others.

Respected Reader, what is your reaction to these mandates? Why don’t you give yourself a score between one to ten (ten being the highest) and rate yourself on each. Perhaps even ask someone who knows you well to give their opinion.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”     Socrates

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