Valentine’s Day And Personality Types. Yours?

Valentine’s Day is approaching – eagerly anticipated by some, dreaded by others.  And a few would use the Rhett to Scarlet approach: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Are you one of those who will continue to honor the Catholic priest who allegedly was killed for defying Emperor Claudius II around 270 A.D. by continuing to marry young couples? The emperor felt that single men were better soldiers, so he banned young men from marrying. For his disobedience to this edict Valentine was jailed and allegedly fell in love with the jailor’s daughter.  Valentine before his death supposedly slipped a love note to his girlfriend saying “from your Valentine.”  And the rest is history!

Do you have a love partner? Want one?  Does romance have a place in your life?  How do you romance?  How would you like to be romanced? If you are still with me, respected reader, and haven’t turned to the Obituaries, I will continue to assist you in finding your unique romantic personality.  Are you Don Juan or Don Knotts?  Sophia Loren or Sophie Tucker? Or, do you even know who these dated persons are?

Five romantic personality types are presented by The Third Age web site.  Which one best describes you?

  1. THE REALIST ROMANTIC: You find sensible and practical things romantic. What touches your heart is to have your partner buy you those drill bits you’ve been wanting, or that blender that you need.
  2. THE THOUGHTFUL ROMANTIC: You possess a great deal of emotional intelligence. The times that you feel most romantic include deep personal discussions. You are very aware of and in touch with your partner’s thoughts and feelings, and you are touched when s/he responds to you in the same way.
  3. THE REBEL ROMANTIC: You like to call the shots and create your own particular brand of romance. You enjoy the creativity and differences of your romantic persona. You commit random romantic gestures.
  4. THE SENSUAL ROMANTIC: Your idea of the romantic is wild, intense, and physical. A candlelight bath followed by an erotic massage and an evening of lovemaking is your desire. You like your partner to feel the same way about romance.

5. THE TRUE ROMANTIC:  You are a romantic purist – flowers, candlelit dinner, and poetry.  You have an idealized notion of the role romance plays in your life.

Did you find your type? Are you a blend of a few types? Perhaps your love partner, or ex lover, could help you know yourself.  Or are some questions really not worth asking?!

At any rate, Valentine’s Day is near.  Celebrate or endure it, whatever is your desire. May your heart speak.


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