Want A Better Year Next Year? Develop The Plan!

I remember asking our 15 year old daughter, Brittany, if she had plans for the weekend. She said, “Dad, I’m a teenager.  We don’t plan, things change from moment to moment.”

Duh, of course.  Most teenagers don’t plan.

But what about adults?  Unfortunately, most adults don’t plan much either.   The beginning of a new year often inspires a person to make some resolutions.  These good intentions may go as far as planning certain changes.  However, the commitment usually doesn’t last very long and the inspiration withers and falls by the wayside after a short time of trying. Why?

In order to succeed at anything worthwhile you need a PLAN! Is there any area of your life that you might want to change or enhance? Physical and/or Emotional well being, Relationship(s), Finances, Career, Living situation, Spiritual life, Addiction, other?  Please say that there is something here to indicate you are not totally dormant and merely existing.

To develop a plan, you need to introspect, recognize the need and goal, and then create the specific pathways. Then commitment, execution, and accountability need to follow.  Would you be willing to fill in the blanks?  “Yes” would be a good start.

GOAL: I will commit to change or enhance                                                  __________.

METHOD:  I will utilize the following resource(s)                                       __________.

SUPPORT: I will count on these people to help me                                      __________.

TIME FRAME: I will organize my schedule in this manner                         __________.

EVALUATION: I will evaluate regularly my progress                                 __________.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I will do the following to hold myself accountable  __________.

PLEDGE: I will sign here.  My word means something!                              __________.

Since my professional interest is primarily focused on personal growth, marriage and family relationships, and overall emotional well being, I particularly hope that you make this area one of your commitment goals.  There are a number of factors that go into making a person happy and fulfilled.  To feel good about yourself being healthy, to be in a satisfying relationship, and have some form of healthy family as a part of your life are usually at  the top of most peoples’ lives.

May I wish you a Happy 2015 with the hope that you will commit to improving yourself to be the best person you can be and bring that wonderful you to other significant others in your life.

P.S. Brittany is now married with two children. She plans!


“The unexamined life is not worth living”   Socrates


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