What Does Your Calendar Say About You?

I end each article that I write with the Socratic saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. I write that to remind myself, and challenge you, Respected Reader, to please look at  life – all of it. Every day, as I look around, I see obvious examples of people continuing to do things that are destructive – to themselves or to others. They are clueless, or have just forgotten some basic truths that have hindered and harmed them.

One of the ways to examine your life is to look at your calendar. This is presupposing that you have a calendar. If you don’t have one, get one. Put on your calendar most of the things you do each day. Once you have an ongoing list of activities you can assess how you are spending your time. Time management is a vital life skill.

I believe that time spent should be based on priorities. Some priorities change over time due to certain circumstances. There are, however, certain basic factors that are involved in a life worth living. I will list a few of them for your consideration.

  1. YOURSELF: Your goal in life is to become the best you that you can be. So, what does that involve? How do you take care of yourself – physically, psychologically, spiritually? What does your calendar say about how much time you spend on healthy self care?
  2. YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER: If you are in a committed relationship, your lover deserves both the best of yourself and your quality time. What do you bring to this person? How much time do you spend with him or her?
  3. CHILDREN: If you have kids they need you to be involved in their lives. Do you devote time to mentor and play with them, helping them to be the best of their potential?
  4. FINANCES: How much time do you spend earning income and successfully managing your finances?
  5. OTHER RELATIONSHIPS: Who are other important people in your life? Are certain family members and friendships deserving of your time?

Other priority items could be added to this list, as well as expanding on each of those offered. The point that I am trying to make is that to have a high quality life you must examine it and be accountable for how you spend your time based on your chosen priorities. To avoid vague and evasive reality, I am suggesting your put your life on your calendar and that you pay attention to how much time you spend doing what you do? Does your time spend reflect well the priorities you espouse? Or, perhaps, you may need to change some priorities? May your calendar display a life well lived in balance with priorities clearly lived!

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