What Have You Left Behind? Still Need To Do What?

Along the pathway of life you make choices to acquire, keep, or leave behind. At a given time these choices appear to be the “right” ones, the best available. Categories may include friends, lovers, parents, siblings, kids, jobs, finances, cities, habits, beliefs, activities, material “stuff”, etc…

Since one of my mottos, and practices, is the Socratic dictum, “the unexamined life is not worth living”, I frequently look at the quality of life that I am living. There is the occasional glance backward seeing if any choices made need correction or modification. If not, and it is a negative thought, I leave it behind, savoring only the good stuff. It has been freeing, cleansing, and motivating to leave behind that which no longer is meaningful and/or additive to my life.

In the present I examine the above categories, some more than others, on a regular basis. Again, I am assessing if some new choices need to be made, what is to be kept, and what needs to be left behind. That which enhances my life in some form or fashion is welcomed and appreciated. That which does not affirm, support, or move me forward is left behind. I will not go through life carrying any unnecessary “baggage”! Many a sage has counseled to “travel light” through life.

Your goal in life is to become all that you can be – develop the whole self – all of your potential. A weighed down person is not free or capable of making the hard choices to shed some of the heaviness that exhausts any efforts to move forward. Have the courage to make the hard choices.

This “examined” life is called intentional living – seeking and developing a life of purpose and passion. This mention of my life style is meant to invite you, Respected Reader, to ask yourself to what degree do you “examine” your life and the choices made. Is your day to day “heavy”? Is there some “baggage” that needs to be left behind? I do not know anybody that does not have some “dark closets” to clean out and leave behind. Are you an exception? Doubt it.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”    Socrates

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